Olivier and Thomas Mory

Olivier and Thomas Mory

As many tales, the SKILL adventure started with an idea, a simple one with strong beliefs and a taste of challenge.

In 2016, Olivier Mory, watchmaker, driven by passion, started to push the legal requirements of Swiss Made to their climax and created the most affordable 100% swiss made tourbillon movement of the market.

The technical specs of this movement are awesome, more than 100 hours of power reserve with one single barrel, COSC certification and Swiss Label, with an infinite range of complications. This caliber will be the base for the next generations of Skill watches and will feature moon-phase indication, perpetual calender, chronograph, etc.

But a body without a soul is nothing and Olivier was able to count on the strong relationships he built all along his life and melted together the required skills for the whole thing : inspired by Jules Verne and the Steampunk universe, they gave life to “Maëlstrom” and “Sampo”, the first 2 models of the brand. Watches with personality, with a recognizable design, in a very limited quantity.

«Sampo», the first model, from 4500 CHF, is the one which has been built according an antique Greek precept : “Nothing emerge nor disappear, but existing things combine and separate over and over” Powered by a very reliable swiss movement of the 50s, rejuvenated and dressed with up-cycled materials, “Sampo” can be updates into “Maëlstrom”
«Maelstrom» is THE tourbillon, from 7500 CHF, and stand at the crossing lines of the wish to offer an affordable high-end watchmaking to a little number of watch lovers and the need of a compromise-free quality.

The young brand is offering a new range of products each year, and presented the first collection in 2019.

Olivier and Thomas Mory
Tourbillon movement

« Thomas is following my crazyness for 33 years. We started building Lego, then huts in the woods, and finally watches together.

If having a watchmaker in the team is pretty obvious, my brother is a precious mate too : it’s the contradiction sight, and the shoulder to hold me. He gave me the strength to consider some choices, and to push further the SKILL’s ethic sense.

If your SKILL is reliable and accurate, i am proud of it, but if it’s ethic and transparent i should thank Thomas.

During his whole career, he has been a lot of things, and at the end always “the guy who find the solutions” : to reduce the CO2 footprint of services and administrations, to keep them safe, to make a lost hut in mountains autonomous …

His role with me at SKILL is not different : when i have a crazy idea, i know we are going to make it together, or not at all.”

Olivier Mory, Supreme Leader